Brush N Roll

Welcome to Brush n Roll
Brush n Roll is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company. We sell market leading products designed for New Zealand conditions.

Since 2009 we have created a range of excellent products that every painter should use to deliver a perfect finish for a good price. Better products for a better finish but for a cost effective price. Our curiosity and desire to try out new opportunities for making painting easier have also carried us forward. Professional painters and DIY have given us valuable insights into their painting work. This has helped us to bring the right products on the market.

Brush n Roll supplies market leading products for painting and decorating tools and accessories – designed for both the professional tradesman and DIY home decorator.

You can trust all our products to deliver a perfect finish and make painting easier and faster. With better quality products you work faster use less materials and achieve the best finish. The result will be mind blowing and we guarantee 100% satisfaction! Our focus is to provide the best products for New Zealand conditions and applications. Using the right tool for the right job is vital. The quality and design of the brush or the roller you choose, and whether it is suitable for the paint or stain you are using, are key elements in the quality of finish you will achieve.